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In Hindu mythology, there are said to be a group of Ashta-Chiranjeevis (Eight ‘Immortals’, Chiran- Long, and Jeevi- Lived). These eight immortals are said to still live on the Earth in flesh and blood today, for various different reasons. Specifically, Chiranjeevis are those born human, but blessed or cursed with extremely long life (perhaps not immortality as we know it, but I’ll use the word immortal for simplicity anyway). Recently there have been reported sightings of some of these, though there is only little significant material proof. I’ll explore the relevance of two of these beings in particular, in today’s world and will highlight their contrasting fortunes over time. I’ll also briefly explain each of the eight in the group....


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 Nitish Mehta studied at Cambridge University and was President of the Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society.