How Not to Dwarf the Issue of Forging Ahead in Life

How Not to Dwarf the Issue of Forging Ahead in Life

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How Not to Dwarf the Issue of Forging Ahead in Life?

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Joginder Singh
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How Not to Dwarf the Issue of Forging Ahead in Life?


Joginder Singh


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Is sometimes being a little selfish good for you?

By repeating the disempowering routine and poor thought patterns, we only strengthen them, to become a way of life for us. If we keep on doing it week after week, they sink us to the lowest level. If we do not take prompt action, we acknowledge them to imprison us, leading to our being frustrated and unhappy with ourselves and our life.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult, to identify the reasons, for the same. When we feel, tired and unenthusiastic and our soul is withering, it is best to identity the causes of the same. If we do not take action to forbid the causes, eventually our soul will just shrivel, and the fire extinguished.

In this state of affairs, it becomes next to impossible to be efficient and give one’s best and be competent. Efficiency and effectiveness go together. It is for each one of us to go ahead and make use of the existing resources. We must bear in mind that at any given time, perfect conditions and circumstances will never be present or available.

An incompetent person can never be outstanding in his field. But the least each one of us can do is to stop being disorganised. At this moment, I am working in hotel room in Mumbai on this piece. But I have made sure that this eArticle is in its assigned place.

Another method is to divide your activities into three categories, One must be done, Second is to be done, when the most urgent tasks are out of the way, third is to be done, when time is available from the first two categories. I have added another set of activities, which are to be done by others, on a delegated basis. In the last category, that is of delegation, I get all the routine work done from my secretary and my driver, like taking opening letters, scanning important clippings or information, or handling visitors. Whenever somebody insists on meeting me, and I have no time to spare, then I tell such persons to come and meet me where I will be. Twice, visitors have flown to Mumbai to meet me, where I had gone for some meetings and many a times at other places.

This is one way of increasing our efficiency. Efficiency is a controlling factor in building our reputation. It is best achieved, when things are done conveniently and without stress and strain. You do not have to become miserable, to please others or strain your resources and health.  

Whenever I have a programme outside Delhi, I prefer to go there, a day in advance, so that I am properly rested, refreshed and feel comfortable to attend next day’s programme.

We have to design our own universe for our convenience. The only way for this is to excel in any work or job. We should not sacrifice our convenience, for the convenience of others. If you do so, you will, make yourself unhappy, wretched, and dejected.

I get invited all over the country and often abroad for lectures. The greatest productive force in the world is human selfishness, though selfishness is looked down upon all over the world. If the scientists had not saved their time to focus on the new inventions and discoveries, where would we be? Selfishness is a detestable vice, which we do not forgive in others, and in ourselves. For that matter, truly and really, no one is without it, in himself. In fact, if we are not selfish, in safeguarding our time and interest, we end up doing things for others, at the cost of our own priorities and interests.

I live in a cooperative society flat in Dwarka, Delhi. Much against my wishes and with a view not to displease other fellow residents, I agreed to become its President to run it. Within the first one week, the Vice President resigned followed by another half a dozen members, in the next three months.
When I asked them the reasons for the same, their uniform reply was that they had no time, for society’s work, and their own work, for earning their livelihood was suffering. Whatever may be the religious teachings, the fact remains, that everybody puts his own interest first, whether it is a question of money or health or family. 

We can only progress by leaving others behind, in our chosen spheres of life. Is there is no other way of succeeding in life? In a way, all of us are selfish. You do not, have to sacrifice your own success, in the quest, of pleasing others.  The one common trait among all the successful people is that they put themselves, or their interests first, over others. Of course, they garble it so successfully, that it does not look that they are being selfish. They first take care of themselves and their own needs. It includes not only their business or profession, but also their needs, whether it is of their body, mind or soul.

Sharing their success comes after they have got what they wanted. It is so with all philanthropists or rich people who give millions and billions in charity. It is a stark reality that only we can take care of ourselves and nobody else. It includes our physical state, thoughts, actions, talents, and possession. In short it is everything, which can take us to the undreamt of heights we want to reach.


JOGINDER SINGH, now a well known author and columnist for several National and State newspapers, joined the Indian Police Service in 1961, in his first attempt at the eligible age of 20. He has served in his Karnataka cadre and Government of India, in several capacities, including the last high profile job of Director, CBI, India (Equivalent of FBI of USA). He has authored 29 books so far and some of them have been published in all Indian languages as well as in Bhasha Indonesia. His books include the magnus opus, “ Inside CBI” and his autobiography “ Without Fear And Favour”, apart from books on the contemporary conditions in India, like Inside India, Inside Indian Police (Both Hindi and English), Police Ke Kahani Meri Zabani (Hindi),   Good Governance, Discovery of Independent India, Indian Monocracy, Scams, Demise of Indian Dream. He is an excellent motivation and management speaker and is in great demand all over the country. His books on   Inspiration and encouragement include the following; Be The Best, You Too, Can Succeed, Winning Ways, Flying High with Broken Wings, Positive Thinking and Success Mantras. He is author of DIRECTING THE CBI, TRYST WITH TERROR: Terrorism in India and WEALTH CREATION THROUGH FAIR MEANS AND FOUL: Scams in India



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