1. Use the shopping cart to select the Ebooks, eArticles, Photos you require: find the title you require and then click on the 'ADD TO CART'/’BUY’ button.

  2. Please remember to note the file size, number of pages and whether the books or other materials you are selecting are for printing only or for downloading.

  3. Once you have made your selection click on ‘checkout’.

  4. You will then be asked for your email address and password that you have registered. If you have not registered before you can do so at this stage. TO REGISTER ALL WE REQUIRE IS YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS AND FOR YOU TO CREATE A PASSWORD.

  5. Once you have logged on then you are given an option to pay using PayPal or HSBC. Choose your option and click on Pay Now.

  6. Once payment is confirmed and you are returned to IDEAINDIA.COM please sign in again at ‘My Account’ and click on ‘My Active Downloads’ – you will then be able to download or print your Ebooks, eArticles, Photos. 



  1. It is important to note that the books and other materials sold on this website are available only for download or printing on your own printer. NO BOOKS OR OTHER MATERIAL PURCHASED WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU IN THE POST.

  2. Please read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

  3. You will see summaries of the books and other materials. These summaries contain brief details of the books including number of pages, file size and whether the book is available to download or only for printing. You will need Adobe Flash or FlashPlayer installed on your computer.

  4. Some books and materials will be available for printing only i.e. download to your printer only and not available to download. Please read the summaries for this information.

  5. If downloading a book then please ensure you have sufficient storage capacity on your storage medium.

  6. If printing a book please ensure that your printer is functioning correctly and connected properly and that you have sufficient paper.

  7. Payment is made online via HSBC Bank. As suggested by HSBC Bank please print off the page with your order number for your own records.

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