SABIR: Journey to Absolution

SABIR: Journey to Absolution

Author: Fakhruddin Khan Write To Author

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 SABIR: Journey to Absolution - eBook Novel by Fakhruddin Khan

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Journey to Absolution


eBook Novel by

Fakhruddin Khan



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SABIR: Journey to Absolution is the fictional thriller, the story of one’s man’s journey through chaos in his life caused by circumstances outside of his control to eventually try to take control of his life and circumstances ... Sabir, a Parsi Zoroastrian, suffers prejudices, violence, his identity is challenged ... and eventually he takes control of his life and then ... turns the tables ...

This is the story of one man’s journey in India, examining the challenges to identity, prejudices and the harm and division caused by votebank politics. It is a suspense thriller with twists and a dramatic ending.


Fakhruddin Khan, an advocate by profession, lives and practices in Mumbai. This is his first story of fiction, imagination; a complete filmy story, just read it for fun and excitement.


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