Yoga Philosophy: Health, Healing and the Star Wars Connection

Yoga Philosophy: Health, Healing and the Star Wars Connection

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Yoga Philosophy: Health, Healing and the Star Wars Connection

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Health, Healing and the Star Wars Connection


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Ashok Kumar Malhotra


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Ashok had originally written An Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy to reveal Yoga’s appeal at the scholarly, scientific, practical, personal, and popular levels. 

The first two parts address the needs of scholars and students whose interest lies in the theoretical aspects of Yoga.

The third part dealing with Yoga’s connection to health, healing, and wholeness is directed at the general reader whose interests are practical in nature.  At present there are close to 10 million Americans practicing some form of Yoga involving physical exercises for improving bodily health or breathing exercises for cultivating emotional control or meditation exercises for gaining spiritual strength.  The number of Yoga practitioners worldwide is also on the increase.  What appeals to the people at the grassroots level is Yoga’s view of the whole person who is in possession of total physical, psychological, and spiritual health.  This is an intriguing model for the medical and humanistic sciences to imbibe during the 21st century and the New Millennium.   

Ashok has added the fourth part, 'Yoga and Yoda', to the text to show that the major practical and spiritual themes of Yoga, which have enchanted human beings from all strata of society during its 2500 year long history, are still inspirational for the likes of George Lucas in the 21st century.   Through the Star Wars films, where Lucas is presenting his version of spirituality for the technological age, he makes a liberal use of some of the essential elements of the Yoga philosophy and themes from the Hindu epics.  The incorporation of the central issues of Yoga into the Star Wars films is a clear indication that Yoga is going to be with us for a long time just like some of our other favorites.  This is good news for the seekers of spiritual health and wholeness who will be delighted to see Yoga becoming the favorite of humanity during this century and the New Millennium. 

Ashok will donate all his royalties received from the sale of this ebook to the Ninash Foundation (, a 501C (3) charity that builds schools for female and minority children of India. Interview with Ashok Malhotra on YouTube:

Professor Ashok Kumar Malhotra is Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York College at Oneonta, New York. He is the winner of a dozen prestigious awards such as Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, East West Center Distinguished Alumni Award (USA), University of Hawaii Distinguished Alumni Award (USA), Gullands NRI Excellence Award (UK), Jewel of India Gold Award (India), Spiritual Leadership Award (USA), Bharat Excellence Award (India) and others. He has published 14 books on Indian, Chinese and Western Philosophy that include four books on Yoga and Meditation. He is the founder of the Yoga and Meditation Society as well as the Ninash Foundation, a charity that builds schools for the underprivileged children of India.


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