Compilation of Poems by Farah Maneckshaw

Compilation of Poems by Farah Maneckshaw

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 Compilation of Poems by Farah Maneckshaw

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 Compilation of Poems




Farah Maneckshaw






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Farah Maneckshaw is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology and Literature from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. She is passionate about art, animals and puns - in no particular order. This is her first eBook.


This eBook is an initiative of Lit-O-Fest Mumbai – 2016 and Farah was winner of the best poetry manuscript award.


Lit O Fest Mumbai is becoming one of India’s top rated literature festivals which was initiated with the unique intention to provide an equal platform to young and budding authors bringing the leading publishers of the country and create a connection to motivate both of them; so that new and unpublished literature can be supported. During the first year itself Lit O Fest received a great response from budding authors and publishers supported by the leading author of the country. The next Lit O Fest is due to be held in Mumbai between 24 to 25 February 2017.



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