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(3rd Edition, 2010)


Ashok Kumar Malhotra


Philosophy, Yoga, Sartre
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© Ashok Kumar Malhotra 2010


Writing on Jean-Paul Sartre is like going to a shrine. The way is well trodden. However, the journey continues to be uphill and the path winding and circuitous. There are blind alleys, labyrinthine pathways, and distracting lights. Time and again one has to pause and look for direction. I have been a devoted pilgrim to the Sartre shrine. As a token of my debt to Sartre, I have written this work in an effort to telescope the long and arduous intellectual journey for the newly initiated.

The ebook is directed to the grassroots course in Sartre's brand of existential philosophy. My experience in teaching introductory courses in philosophy has convinced me that the philosophy of Sartre can be best introduced to students through Nausea which is replete with existential themes. It is easier for the beginner to identify oneself with Roquentin and his use of the phenomenological method in Nausea than with Sartre and his abstract and vague descriptions of this method in Being and Nothingness. The ideal of philosophy as a presuppositionless discipline is also best conveyed through the character and experiences of Roquentin who by living his universal doubt reveals existence in its immediacy.

The ebook does not claim to be a substitute for Sartre's popular novel Nausea, or his philosophical work, Being and Nothingness. However, it can be treated as a companion volume which by simplifying the complex phraseology can be a handy guide for comprehending the above two works.

The first edition of the book appeared in 1978 under the title of “Jean Paul Sartre’s Existentialism in ‘Nausea’.” It consisted of four chapters dealing with “Nausea: A Controversial Work;” “Nausea as a Work of Art;” “Existential Themes in Nausea;” and “Nausea: An Expression of Existential Philosophy.” The second edition appeared in 1995 under the title of “Jean Paul Sartre’s Existentialism in Literature and Philosophy.” It contained the first four chapters and two new chapters on “Sartre’s Existentialism and Its Relevance;” and “Philosophical Ideas in Imaginative Literature.” These two chapters were added to make the volume more comprehensive. This third edition keeps the first five chapters, eliminates chapter six and substitutes two new chapters on “Sartre’s Existentialism Versus Samkhya-Yoga,” and “Self in Sartre and Samkhya-Yoga.” By adding these two chapters, this present edition brings together the two popular traditions of Sartre’s Existentialism and the Yoga Philosophy thus guiding the reader towards doing comparative philosophy in the 21st century. Acknowledgements are due to the Journal of the Asian Thought and Society and the Westview Press for their kind permission to reprint the articles on “Sartre’s Existentialism Versus Samkhya-Yoga” and “Self in Sartre and Samkhya-Yoga” respectively.


Professor ASHOK KUMAR MALHOTRA is Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at SUNY College at Oneonta. Honors include SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching; United University Professions Excellence Award; Friends of Education Award; Bharat Excellence Award; Jewel of India Gold Award; Spiritual Leadership Award (SIUE); Gullands Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Excellence Award; East West Center Distinguished Alumni Award and University of Hawaii Distinguished Alumni Award.

His works include: Jean Paul Sartre’s Existentialism in Nausea; Jean Paul Sartre’s Existentialism in Literature and Philosophy; On Hindu Philosophies of Experience; Pathways to Philosophy (with Douglas Shrader); Guidebook for Pathways to Philosophy (with Douglas Schrader); Culture and Self (with Douglas Allen); Transcreation of the Bhagavad Gita; Instant Nirvana, First Edition; An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy; INSTANT NIRVANA: Americanization of Mysticism and Meditation, 2009; WISDOM OF THE TAO TE CHING: The Code of a Spiritual Warrior, 2006; JOURNAL OF YOGA: Yoga and Meditation Now, 2009

Other publications include more than 50 papers on Asian and Comparative Philosophy, a dozen poems and articles on Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Yoga for the Religious Column of The Daily Star, a local newspaper. Malhotra is the founder of the Yoga and Meditation Society at SUNY College at Oneonta that has invited more than 25 scholars and practitioners from all over the world. His interviews of these scholars as well his TV show on “Gentle Yoga for Relaxation” are being shown on the Public Access Channel in Oneonta. Malhotra is the founder of the Ninash Foundation that helps build schools for the impoverished children of India. He is a poet and painter and has been a guest on ABC World News Now, NBC News, National Public Radio, Australian Public Radio, Holland Radio and All India Radio. He was a consultant for Warner Brothers TV series “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.”



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